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Title: Вербалізація феномена "консенсус" на синтаксичному рівні в англомовному публіцистичному дискурсі
Other Titles: Verbalization of the phenomenon “сonsensus” on a syntactical level in english publicistic discourse
Authors: Амічба, Дімона Петрівна
Нісаноглу, Наталя Георгіївна
Нисаноглу, Наталья Георгиевна
Nisanoglu, Natalia
Keywords: феномен «консенсус»
синтаксичний рівень
субстантивні словосполучення
phenomenon “consensus”
syntactical level
substantival word combinations
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Херсонський державний університет
Series/Report no.: Науковий вісник Херсонського державного університету;Серія "Лінгвістика", Випуск 36
Abstract: UK: Cтаттю присвячено дослідженню в англомовному публіцистичному дискурсі вербалізації феномена «консенсус» на синтаксичному рівні, в рамках субстантивних словосполучень. Розроблено класифікацію субстантивних словосполучень за такими ознаками, як діяльнісна, просторова, темпоральна. EN: Under the conditions of deep social transformations, problems of consensus achieving, developing positive relationships and establishing an atmosphere of mutual understanding are getting greater emphasis that results in topicality of the research of the phenomenon “consensus”. The paper is devoted to the investigation of verbalization of the phenomenon “consensus” on a syntactical level in English publicistic discourse. Word combinations are considered to be one of the explicitly expressed ways of verbalization. The analysis of the factual material made it possible to define that a lexical unit “consensus” is characterized by the priority of using in the substantival word combinations as opposed to other kinds of the syntactical units. Hence, the aim of the paper is to study verbalization of the phenomenon “consensus” within the framework of the substantival word combinations. Taking into account the activity, spatial and temporal features, the substantival word combinations have been divided into the corresponding groups. In addition, the taxonomy was carried out on the frequency of usage of the substantival word combinations in the English publicistic texts. According to the above classification, the activity characteristics have been differentiated into “social sphere”, “political sphere” and “economic sphere” subtypes. It was established that the spatial parameters can be presented by such subtypes as “locality of achievement” and “globality of achievement”. “Period of consensus achievement”, “duration of consensus existence” and “frequency of consensus achievement” have been rated as the subtypes of realization of the temporal features of the phenomenon “consensus”.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7974
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