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Title: Axiological dimensions of harmonious relations in the system “nature-man”
Authors: Taranenko, G.
Keywords: consciousness ecologization
person’s cultural-educational space harmonization
human dimension of ecological knowledge
human measurability of ecological knowledge
axiology of the nature
Issue Date: 2014
Series/Report no.: Canadian Scientific Journal;
Abstract: The necessity to form new system of values corresponding to global changes in human-nature system has been substantiated. The attention on the appropriateness of the appeal to axiological paradigm of education in the context of harmonization of educational space has been focused. The person’s consciousness ecologization is analyzed in the context of culturaleducational space harmonization. The attention was focused on human dimension and human measurability of the new paradigm creation of the co-world and ecological knowledge transfer. The harmony of the nature and the man is conceptualized as a strategy guideline of person’s cultural-educational space ecologization. There is an emphasize on the importance of addressing to the ethics of the nature, coevolutional worldview, noospherization of human thinking and other determinants of anthropoecologization of the nature space in the process of harmonious formation of the nature and human unity. The necessity to change anthropocentric outlook, dominant in the society, towards integration in world-view of human-commensurable systems, possessing powerful potential of formation of human beings’ value attitude to nature has been substantiated. The basis can be formed with the idea of co-evolution of a human-being and nature, ecological imperative of activity, admitting genetic priority of nature in relation to a human-being, as well as ethics of responsibility.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/3157
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