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Title: Qualimetric assessment and features of quality formation for cultivated mushrooms in accordance with the methods of further processing.
Other Titles: Кваліметрична оцінка та особливості формування якості для культивованих грибів відповідно до способів подальшої переробки.
Authors: Bandura, Iryna
Бандура, Ірина Іванівна
Krupodorova, Tetiana
Keywords: ultivation;Calocybe;Cyclocybe;Pleurotus;gold oyster mushroom;lung oyster mushroom;milky mushroom;processing;quality,;cultivation;market
Issue Date: 2024
Publisher: Tallinn: Scientific Route OÜ
Citation: Bandura I., Krupodorova T. Qualimetric assessment and features of quality formation for cultivated mushrooms in accordance with the methods of further processing. Food technology progressive solutions : Collective monograph./ Priss, O., Glowacki, S., Kiurcheva, L.et al.; Priss, O. (Ed.). Tallinn: Scientific Route OÜ, 2024. Pp. 93 - 117. References 40
Abstract: ENG: Recently mushrooms, due to their special functional properties, are confidently included in the daily diet of people who consider the possibilities of nutrition to im prove their health. Therefore, the production and consumption of mushrooms, as well as products of their processing, is growing rapidly, and the range of species available on the market is actively expanding. In this study, the topical issues of expanding the assortment and quality of cultivated mushrooms are highlighted, the main principles of ensuring the quality of the mushroom harvest are considered. The possibility of pre serving the value of the harvest by expanding the options for processing mushrooms is also examined. The difficulties and visible prospects of expanding the range of pro ducts are considered. The monograph discusses the factors that determine the qua lity of the harvest of cultivated fungi of the genera Calocybe, Cyclocybe, Pleurotus, and the features of the qualitative assessment of mushroom raw materials in accordance with the directions of its processing. The parameters for a comprehensive assess ment of qualitative indicators of fruiting bodies of Calocybe indica, Cyclocybe aegerita, Pleurotus citrinopileatus, P. pulmonarius have been established, and the coefficients of the values of individual and group indicators of crop quality have been determined. An experimental evaluation of changes in morphological parameters in the technical and biological maturity of the fruit bodies of mushrooms was carried out, and their nutritional value has been investigated. Modern methods of optimizing post-harvest procedures and storage of mushrooms determined their critical storage terms ac cording to directions of processing. The proposed seasonal approach to the cultiva tion of the studied strains indicates the possibility of reducing the cost of the mush room crop. The qualimetric assessment of the post-harvest characteristics of strains from the domestic collection makes suggests high prospects for use the studied mush rooms for visual attraction customers to expand the range of mushroom product permarket shelves. A comprehensive analysis of the proposed qualimetric as sessment and the quality features of the cultivated mushrooms studied, depending on the methods of further processing, indicates the prospects of this area of research and the feasibility of bringing other species of exotic cultivated mushrooms to the market //////////// UKR: Вивчаються фактори, що впливають на якість заготовлених грибів родів Calocybe, Cyclocybe, Pleurotus, а також методи оцінки якості сировини для переробки. Встановлює параметри комплексної оцінки якості, включаючи індивідуальні та групові показники, оцінює морфологічні зміни в процесі дозрівання грибів, досліджує харчову цінність грибів.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/17659
ISBN: ISBN 978-9916-9850-4-5 (електронна книга); ISBN 978-9916-9850-5-2 (EPUB)
DOI: DOI: 10.21303/978-9916-9850-4-5.ch4
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