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Title: Determination of fat milk dispersion quality in the jet-slot type milk homogenizer
Authors: Samoichuk, Kyrylo
Самойчук, Кирило Олегович
Самойчук, Кирилл Олегович
Kovalov, Oleksandr
Ковальов, Олександр Олександрович
Ковалев, Александр Александрович
Oleksiienko, Vadym
Олексієнко, Вадим Олександрович
Алексеенко, Вадим Александрович
Palianychka, Nadiia
Паляничка, Надія Олександрівна
Паляничка, Надежда Александровна
Dmytrevskyi, D.
Chervonyi, V.
Horielkov, D.
Zolotukhina, I.
Slashcheva, A.
Keywords: homogenization
jetslot homogenizer
emulsion dispersion
Weber criterion
fat globule
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies;№ 5/11 ( 107 ) (рр. 16–24)
Abstract: One of the urgent problems in the dairy industry is to reduce power input in the process of dispersing milk fat while ensuring a high degree of homogenization. This problem can be solved through the development and implementation of a virtually unexplored jet-slot milk homogenizer. The principle of its action implies the preliminary separation of cream from whole milk and its feed into the high-velocity flow of skim milk. The homogenization process occurs by creating a sufficient difference in velocities of the disperse and dispersing phases of the milk emulsion, which is mathematically described by Weber's criterion. Experimental studies of the effect of fat content in cream, cream feed rate, and width of the annular slot on dispersion indices during processing in the designed homogenizer have been carried out. The mathematical dependence which relates these parameters was found. It was proved that to obtain a milk emulsion with a dispersion level of 0.8 μm, the width of the annular slot should be 0.1–0.5 mm, fat content in cream 40–50 %, and the feed rate less than 40 m/s. The results of the evaluation of dispersion quality show a 7 % decrease in the average diameter of the fat globules compared to the most common values obtainable in the valve homogenizer. A refined critical value of the Weber criterion for dispersion of the fat phase of milk was determined (29 units) which indicates an increase in the intensity of the homogenization process in comparison with the jet milk homogenizer with a separate cream feed. The derived critical value of the criterion is necessary to create a theory of the process of dispersing milk fat and develop more efficient designs of milk homogenizers.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/12583
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