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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2014Teaching intercultural competence by means of e-learningZaitseva, N.
2014Technical Change and Financial Efficiency: Plowing - Rotary Tractors in UkraineKyurchev, Vladimir
2015The age and foreign language studyingШевченко, С. П.; Shevchenko, S.
2016The best age for learning a foreign languageShevchenko, S.
2015The concept of cultures' dialogue as a basis of specialist intercultural competence formingLytvyna, Yulia
2015The Coursebook for Teaching Business English at Non-Linguistic UniversityKaraieva, T.
2013The forming and implementation of horticulture market development strategySokil, Y.
2012The Individualization of Foreign Language Teaching in the University-level Professional EducationMuntian, S. G.; Valentinova, L. К.
2017The influence of antioxidant heat treatment on utilization of active oxygen forms during storage of cucumbersPriss, O.; Danchenko, E.; Evlash, V.; Zhukova, V.; Verkholantseva, V.; Stepanenko, D.
2017The main reasons of growing need of the English language educationЖукова, Т. В.; Zhukova, Т.
2014The non-financial factors impact on the enterprises activity efficiencySokil, Ya. S.; Lebedeva, I. Н.
2014The non-financial factors impact on the enterprises activity efficiencySokil, Ya. S.; Lebedeva, I. H.
2014The Principle of Integrating Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in the Course of Business English LearningKaraieva, T.
2017The reaction of pea’s plants pro-antioxidant system on biostimulants stimpo and regoplant treatmentKolesnikov, Maksim; Paschenko, Yuliya
2014The role of foreign languages in rural communities’ development in UkraineПолікарпова, Ю. О.
2016The Role Of Information Technology Use In EducationZhukova, T. V.
2011The role of the mathematical model in doughmaking process optimizationYanakov, V. P.
2017The state financial support of agriculture producers in UkraineTrusova, N.; Ternovsky, V.
2014The study of gender policy in UkraineКравець, О. О.
2016The study of methods of preliminary cooling of fruitsSerdyuk, M.; Stepanenko, D.; Baiberova, S.; Gaprindashvili, N.; Kulik, A.