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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2016A numerical analysis of non-linear contact tasks for the system of plates with a bolted connection and a clearance in the fixtureAtroshenko, O.; Tkachuk, M.; Ustinenko, O.; Bondarenko, O.; Diomina, N.
2015A study of the movement dynamics of the working tool for the furrow formationZorya, М.
2015Analysis of engineering professional activity under development of agrarian production complexTitova, O. A.
2014Approach to the implementation of administrative and territorial reform in UkraineKogut, I.
2017Biological characteristics of the round goby, Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas, 1814), from different water bodiesDemchenko, V. O.; Tkachenko, M. Y.
2013Business English Teaching for Students Not Majoring EnglishKaraieva, T.
2015Business games as key interactive learning for successful students’ professional and communicative trainingЛитвина, Ю. С.
2015Cloud-based software advantages for conducting students extracurricular activities in learning foreign languagesZaitseva, N. V.
2011Competence-based Perspective on Foreign Language Teaching at the Master Level: Insights from John Dewey’s Educational PhilosophyMuntyan, S. G.; Valentinova, L. К.
2014Content-Вased Teaching of Business EnglishKaraieva, T.
2013Current development prospects of farm householdsKalchenko, S. V.
2013Cпеціалізація у формуванні економічної ефективності виробництва молока у фермерських господарствахЯворська, Т. І.; Yavors’ka, T.
2017Cтруктура улову бичкової драги під час літньо-осіннього промислу в Азовському моріТкаченко, М. Ю.; Tkachenko, M. Yu.
2016Dialogization of language learning environmentTroitska, Tamara; Lytvyna, Yulia
2016Dialogue in language-culture practices: methodological foundationsTroitska, Tamara; Lytvyna, Yulia
2015Dialogue of cultures in teacher’s intercultural communication trainingLytvyna, Yulia
2013Elements of financial safety of agrarian subjects of managing of Zaporozhe regionDemchenko, I. V.
2011English as a tool of a person’s educational space formationPolikarpova, Yulia; Meleshko, Olena
2013Establishment of the regional centre for techical servise and monitoring of exploitation of agricultural machineryLegeza, D.; Kulish, T.
2014Extracurrikular activity as an element of educational technology in foreign language learningMuntian, S. G.