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Title: The contingency of agrolandscapes according to ecological-agrochemical indices and perspectives of selecting traditional agricultural crops in eastern Podillia, Ukraine
Authors: Shcherbyna, Valentyna
Щербина, Валентина Вікторівна
Щербина, Валентина Викторовна
Hanchuk, Maksym
Ганчук, Максим Миколайович
Ганчук, Максим Николаевич
Keywords: mobile forms;phosphorus;nitrogen;pH;ecological- agrochemical indices
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Riga, Latvia: Baltija Publishing
Series/Report no.: New stages of development of modern science in Ukraine and EU countries;7th ed., 474 p.
Abstract: The paper considers spatial and temporal dynamics of mobile forms of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, pH, and humus content in agrocoenoses soils of Eastern Podillia. The contingency of administrative districts of Vinnytsia Region is represented according to the Sorensen-Chekanovsky coefficient based on the studied ecological- agrochemical indices of agricultural lands. The compliance of ecological- agrochemical indices of Eastern Podilian soils with the optimal parameters required for the growth of priority agricultural crops are analysed by the example of the wheat, sunflower, maize and sugar beet. A joint analysis of ecological-agrochemical soil indices shows substantial dynamics of contingency coefficients of administrative districts of Vinnytsia Region. Given the ecological valence of different agricultural crops according to the proposed set of ecological and agrochemical indices, different coefficient values are recorded that indirectly reflect the degree of area suitability for the corresponding plants cultivation. From the list of traditionally grown crops, the wheat meets the greatest degree of compliance with the proposed soil indices. Next in rank come the sunflower, maize, and sugar beet, respectively. This fact should be taken into account when planning the selection of agricultural plants in the region as a whole and in an individual administrative district in particular.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/9416
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