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Title: Mathematical simulation of separating work tool technological process
Authors: Tabor, S.
Lezhenkin, Oleksandr
Леженкін, Олександр Миколайович
Леженкин, Александр Николаевич
Halko, Serhii
Галько, Сергій Віталійович
Галько, Сергей Витальевич
Miroshnyk, A.
Kovalyshyn, S.
Vershkov, Oleksandr
Вершков, Олександр Олександрович
Вершков, Александр Александрович
Hryhorenko, Olena
Григоренко, Олена Віталіївна
Григоренко, Елена Витальевна
Keywords: technological process;mathematical simulation
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: 22nd International Scientific Conference on Progress of Mechanical Engineering Supported by Information Technology (22 November 2019);Vol. 132
Abstract: The article describes the technological process of separation of the heaped-off pile of wheat. A mathematical model in the form of regression equations was obtained based on a full-factor experiment. Using the methods of mathematical analysis, the regression equations were investigated for the highest and lowest values. The values of the factors were obtained, for which the response function has the highest values, then the response surfaces were constructed and analyzed.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/9049
Appears in Collections:кафедра Технічна механіка та комп'ютерне проектування ім. професора В.М. Найдиша

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