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Title: Experimental study of an improved root crop cleaner from admixtures
Authors: Bulgakov, Volodymyr
Булгаков, Володимир Михайлович
Булгаков, Владимир Михайлович
Ivanovs, S.
Nowak, J.
Bandura, V.
Nesvidomin, A.
Ihnatiev, Yevhen
Ігнатьєв, Євген Ігорович
Игнатьев, Евгений Игоревич
Keywords: sugar beet
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Agronomy Research;Vol. 16, is. 5 (Р. 1960-1965)
Abstract: One of the ways to raise the quality of sugar beet harvesting is the use of improved digging tools that are able to dig out root crops from the soil without any loss and considerable damage, as well as cleaners of the heap from admixtures. Perspective are the root crop harvesting machines, built according to the modular principle, where, depending on the state of the beet plantation, the composition of the cleaning tools, and the kinematic and technological modes of their operation are determined. To carry out experimental studies, experimental equipment was made which, under laboratory and field conditions, made it possible to obtain qualitative separation indicators of the heaps of sugar beet roots with wide variation in the range of kinematic and design parameters of the improved cleaner. As the results of the laboratory and field experimental studies showed, in each of the two stages of cleaning the beet heap, a sufficiently high degree of removal of the soil admixtures and plant residues is ensured. Thus, at the first, preliminary stage of cleaning, the removal of admixtures amounted to 65.5 75.8%. After the second, basic stage of cleaning, the transported heap contained no more than 1.9% of admixtures. The results of the laboratory and field tests indicate that the proposed design of an improved sugar beet root cleaner from admixtures is prospective.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/6497
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