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Title: Оцінка якості трудового життя в організації
Other Titles: Evaluation of quality of labor life in organization
Authors: Ярчук, Ангеліна Володимирівна
Ярчук, Ангелина Владимировна
Yarchuk, Anhelina
Keywords: суспільство
якість життя
матеріальна забезпеченість
трудове життя
quality of life
material security
working life
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Збірник наукових праць Таврійського державного агротехнологічного університету (економічні науки);№ 3 (32) (С. 224-231)
Abstract: UK: У статті розглянуто сутність категорії якості трудового життя і підходи до її оцінки у працях зарубіжних і вітчизняних вчених. На основі анкетного опитування визначено склад локальних показників якості трудового життя. Запропонувано методику оцінки якості трудового життя працівників організацій, яка необхідна для розроблення основних напрямів і механізмів підвищення якості життя. EN: The study of problems of formation and improve quality of life, including quality of work life, dealing with many domestic and foreign scholars in which they are conducting a study of the essence of quality of life, the principles of its formation, evaluation for individual subdivisions and compared to the quality of life in the leading countries of the world. Their work investigates the particular conditions that affect the quality of life and its relationship with the social and economic development, standard of living, development offered to build the integral index to assess the quality of life, taking into account international experience. Today, despite the fundamental importance of these issues for the purposes of the regional administration, they remain poorly understood. The author set out to consider the nature category of quality of working life and approaches to its assessment in the works of foreign and domestic scientists. On the basis of a questionnaire is to determine the composition of indicators of quality of working life. Suggest a methodology for evaluating the quality of working life of employee’s organizations. Due to consideration of definition given copyright interpret the essence of the concept of "quality of life". Quality of life - a set of economic, social, political, cultural and environmental factors that expresses the quality of the material and cultural needs of the people (the quality of food, clothing, comfortable housing, quality health care, education, service, environment, leisure, measure meet the needs of meaningful communication, knowledge, creative work, the level of stress, settlement structure and so on.). In order to determine the degree of satisfaction of local quality of working life, a sociological survey using a special questionnaire. Results of the study can be used for a comprehensive assessment of the quality of working life of labor collective or individual employees. The applied technique of scoring the quality of working life of employees to determine the prospects of the organization, company, city, develop measures to improve quality of life. The prospect of further research in this direction is to specify the components of quality of life, the priority for Ukraine, improved methodology for assessing the quality of life and basic directions and mechanisms of its increase.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/6295
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