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dc.contributor.authorСокіл, Олег Григорійович-
dc.contributor.authorСокол, Олег Григорьевич-
dc.contributor.authorSokil, Oleh-
dc.description.abstractUK: У даній статті досліджено історію визначення та становлення категорій «інституціональне середовище», «інституціональна структура», «інституціональні чинники». Визначено основні складові інституціонального середовища та іх вплив на сталий розвиток. За допомогою попередніх теоретичних досліджень та встановлених стверджень категорії сталого розвитку, сформовано уніфіковане визначення інституціонального середовища сталого розвитку. EN: Problem definition. The primary objective of this work is to describe determination of the incorporated category institutional environment of sustainable development and to define her basic constituents. Research results. In history research of economic sciences was carried out many fundamental openings and statements concerning a institutional study of theory and institutional environment. From other side of research of constancy occupy in economic literature and supervisions also a ponderable enough value. However, the empiricist data of two researche directions is low studied and described in literature. The study of institutional environment of sustainable development will enable more wider to understand the problem of constancy, find the factors of her influence and Conclusions. Taking into account foregoing and previous theoretical researches of becoming the sustainable development category, by us compatible determination of institutional environment of steady development, which is the aggregate of formal laws, rules and procedures and informal agreements, customs and norms, which predetermine possibilities and form limitation in socio-economic activity and conduct of the systems and institutes, which are sent to strengthening of competitive edges, achievement on the basis of technological innovations, providing of possibility for assortment increasing of products and services, productive cost cutting, and also ability to resist to the internal and external economic, social, ecological, natural and climatic, financial factors, was formed, to adapt oneself to the variable terms of production, keeping or improving an initial equilibrium. The state here is the special form of organization of society, which forms laws, governed and procedures and submits them, will realize them by means of the institutes.uk
dc.relation.ispartofseriesЗбірник наукових праць Таврійського державного агротехнологічного університету (економічні науки);№ 3 (32)-
dc.subjectінституціональне середовищеuk
dc.subjectінституціональна структураuk
dc.subjectсталий розвитокuk
dc.subjectдержавна політикаuk
dc.subjectіnstitutional environmentuk
dc.subjectinstitutional structureuk
dc.subjectsustainable developmentuk
dc.subjectgovernment policyuk
dc.titleІнституціональне середовище сталого розвиткуuk
dc.title.alternativeInstitutional environment of sustainable developmentuk
dc.typeWorking Paperuk
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