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Title: Визначення пріоритетних загроз економічній безпеці України у демографічній, соціальній та продовольчій сферах
Other Titles: Determination of priority threats to the economic security of Ukraine in the demographic, social and food sphere
Authors: Мангул, О. А.
Keywords: економічна безпека
демографічна безпека
соціальна безпека
продовольча безпека
параметрична оцінка
economic security
demographic security
social security
food security
parametric assessment
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Збірник наукових праць ТДАТУ імені Дмитра Моторного (економічні науки);№ 2 (42) (С. 49-57)
Abstract: UK: У статті представлені результати дослідження рівня демографічної, соціальної та продовольчої безпеки України за останні десять років в розрізі окремих індикаторів та на основі запропонованої параметричної карти визначені пріоритетні загрози. EN: The main task of the study of economic security of the national economy is to conduct a qualitative assessment of strategically important processes that shape the trajectory of sustainable development. Demographic, social and food spheres directly affect the life cycle of households, the level of quality of life and labor resources, lay the foundation for domestic investment processes. Therefore, the definition of priority threats to Ukraine's economic security in these areas is an important scientific issue. The purpose of the article is to identify priority threats to Ukraine's economic security in the demographic, social and food spheres. Results of the research. In accordance with the current methodological recommendations for calculating the level of economic security of Ukraine in the process of research was formed an array of statistical data, calculated indicators of demographic security, their assessment of the relative intervals and the rationing procedure. The article presents the results of a study of the level of demographic, social and food security of Ukraine over the past ten years in terms of individual indicators and on the basis of the proposed parametric map identified priority threats. Conclusions. The conducted researches allow to determine as priority threats to the economic security of Ukraine in the demographic sphere the indicators of the number of the available population up to the level of 1990 and the coefficient of natural population growth. Dominant threats to social security are indicators of the share of food expenditures in household spending, the number of HIV-infected people diagnosed for the first time in their lives and the ratio of average monthly wages per hour on average in the 27 EU countries. in Ukraine. During the period under study, no critical threats of a critical and catastrophic level in Ukraine's food security were identified.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/13633
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