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Title: The study of controllability of motion of tractor aggregate of module type
Authors: Adamchuk, V.
Bulgakov, V.
Nadykto, Volodymyr
Надикто, Володимир Трохимович
Надыкто, Владимир Трофимович
Holovach, І.
Prysiazhniuk, D.
Parakhin, Oleksandr
Keywords: modular power tool;spectral density;normalized correlation function;throttling the hydraulic cylinder;the spectral density
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: To increase the level of controllability of motion of tractor aggregate (MTA) of modular type with the plow by equipping one of the hydro-cylinders, connecting energy and technological modules, with a special choke. Methods. Сorrelation and spectral analysis of output parameters of the dynamic system. Results. When driving MTA of module type with a plow on an agrotechnical background the control influence in the form of angle α of rotation of the steered wheels of the unit changed in a very narrow frequency range: 0...2.0 s–1, or 0...0,32 Hz. They fixed, although a positive but relatively weak, correlation between the parameters α and φ (heading angle of power module) without throttling of the hydraulic cylinder of the technological module. The maximum value of the mutual correlation function of the connection between parameters α and φ is shifted to the left of the zero ordinate for about 1 sec. Given this, the input dynamic system is not the angle α, but its heading angle φ, which is undesirable for control. At the throttling of the hydraulic cylinder, the maximum of the estimated correlation function is shifted to the right from the zero ordinate. That means that the control action (angle α) is the input and the heading angle φ is the output of the considered dynamic system. In this case, the delay of the response of heading angle φ on the change of control action α is approximately equal 0.51, which is desirable for the improved control over MTA. Conclusions. Equipment of hydraulic cylinder of the modular power means with the throttle with the coefficient of resistance at the level of 1,03×106·N·m·s·rad–1 allows: to increase the maximum value of the mutual correlation function between the control effect, i.e. the angle α of rotation of the steered wheels of the power module and its directional angle φ to the level of 0.89; to shift the maximum value of that function to the right of the zero ordinate, providing the steering angle α of the steered wheels of the power module the role of the input (not output) influence; almost to halve the response lag of the heading angle φ of the power module by changing the angle α of rotation of its driven wheels.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/11927
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