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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2012Oбгрунтування імпульсного методу контролю якісних показників моторного маслаКушлик, Р. В.; Кушлик, Р. Р.
2013The perspectives of complex farm machinery useKyurchev, V.; Mitkov, V.; Mitkov, V.; Chorna, T.
2014Preconditions for agrarian university graduates’ employment and wellbeing in rural areasZaitseva, N.
2016Productivity of Sunflower Hybrids (Helianthus Annuus L.) Under The Effect of AKM Plant Growth Regulator In The Conditions Low Moisture of Southern Steppe of UkraineIeremenko, O.; Kalіtka, V. V.
2015Project activity in language learning: methodology aspectsLytvyna, Yulia
2015Project Method in Language Learning: Methodology Aspects and Humanistic ApproachLytvyna, Yulia
2015Result s of Experimental Researches of Plant Material Twin-Screw CompactorMilko, D.
2013Sociopsychological characteristics of students’ socialization in accordance with a dominant leisure typeShugurova, T. L.
2016Some tips to make lesson planning more efficient and less stressfulLytvyna, Yulia
2015Speaking stimulating technologies and activities in creating dynamic learning environmentLytvyna, Yulia
2014Strategien der Optimierung des studienbegleitenden DeutschunterrichtsMuntian, S.G.
2014Strategien der Optimierung des studienbegleitenden DeutschunterrichtsMuntian, S. G.
2017Substantiation of the choice of optimal concentrations of active ingredients of the antioxidant composition for fruit treatment before storageSerdyuk, M.; Velichko, I.; Priss, O.; Danchenko, O.; Kurcheva, L.; Baiberova, S.
2017Substantiation of the use of spice plants for enrichment of wheat breadOsokina, N.; Kostetska, K.; Gerasymchuk, О.; Voziian, V.; Telezhenko, L.; Priss, O.; Zhukova, V.; Verkholantseva, V.; Palyanichka, N.; Stepanenko, D.
2015Sustainability in the Context of Human DimensionLytvyna, Yulia
2014Teaching intercultural competence by means of e-learningZaitseva, N.
2014Technical Change and Financial Efficiency: Plowing - Rotary Tractors in UkraineKyurchev, Vladimir
2015The concept of cultures' dialogue as a basis of specialist intercultural competence formingLytvyna, Yulia
2015The Coursebook for Teaching Business English at Non-Linguistic UniversityKaraieva, T.
2013The forming and implementation of horticulture market development strategySokil, Y.