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Title: Increasing the Efficiency of the Technological Process of Processing Castor-Oil Seeds into Castor Oil
Authors: Didur, Volodymyr
Дідур, Володимир Аксентійович
Дидур, Владимир Аксентиевич
Kiurchev, Volodymyr
Кюрчев, Владимир Николаевич
Кюрчев, Володимир Миколайович
Chebanov, Andrii
Чебанов, Андрей Борисович
Чебанов, Андрій Борисович
Aseev, Anatoliy
Keywords: Castor-oil plant beans
Oilseed meal
Moisture-and-heat treatment
Vapor pressure
Moisturizing period
Drying period
Oilseed meal moisture
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Series/Report no.: Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production: Trends and Innovations;P. 17-27
Abstract: In the production of vegetable oils, including those from castor-oil seeds, uses the methods of oil’s extraction by pressing or extraction. The solvents used for oil’s extraction by the extraction method do not meet all the requirements during using the extraction process technology. Therefore of the above, reduces the quality parameters of oil and meal, but the process’ cost and the harmful effect on the human body increase. The pressing method of obtaining vegetable oils does not have such drawbacks. But in case of using this process in its pure form (without additional steps) occurs not completed extraction of oil, thereby the loss of oil in production increases. For complete extraction, the peeled seeds get moisture–heat treatment before extracting the oil by pressing. Treatment of castor-oil meal with moisture and heat with intensive mixing and bringing its humidity and temperature to optimum values over a period of time causes changes in physical and chemical properties of the meal and oil contained in meal. It promotes a better oil extraction effect. To substantiate the necessary technological regimes of moisture–heat treatment of the castor-oil seeds’ meal, an experimental complex for extracting oil from oil-bearing raw materials was developed and a methodology for conducting the experiments was determined. Experimental studies have established the main technological regimes of frying of the meal of castor seeds.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7761
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