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Title: Чинники розвитку збуту підприємств сільськогосподарського машинобудування та сільського господарства країни
Other Titles: Factors influencing the development of sales of agricultural machinery and agriculture in the country
Authors: Нехай, Вікторія Василівна
Нехай, Виктория Васильевна
Nekhai, Viktoriia
Keywords: збут;маркетинг;машинобудування;сільське господарство;управління;realization;marketing;mechanical engineering;agriculture;management
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Вісник Хмельницького національного університету;№ 4(260) (С. 265-270)
Abstract: UK: Визначено основні чинники та проаналізовано їх вплив на розвиток підприємств галузі сільськогосподарського машинобудування та сільського господарства України. Вказано на слабку забезпеченість технікою для сільськогосподарських робіт та межі потреби у основних засобах сільського господарства. Обґрунтовано висновки про те, що дієвими заходами вирішення проблеми визнано зміни на законодавчому рівні та зрушення в управлінні процесами на рівні підприємств. EN: The main factors of influence are determined. their influence on the development of the enterprises of the agricultural machine-building and agriculture sector of Ukraine is analyzed. it is pointed out that there is a poor supply of equipment for agricultural work, the limits of need for basic means of agriculture. It is determined that the inflow to the domestic market of foreign machinery induces a decrease in the volume of production of machinery and equipment for agriculture. The prices for them grow in the absence of funds from agricultural enterprises. This leads to an increase in the lifetime of the equipment. This reduces their technical readiness, leads to a breach of the terms of agricultural work, reduces the purchasing power of users of technology. For manufacturers of agricultural machinery, the problem of low-level sales is increasing. The influence of such factors as industry, legal, personnel, economic, marketing and quality factor of enterprise management is determined. The essence and meaning of each factor are analyzed. The problem of sales improvement without staffing can not be solved. The success of the whole process of product movement, from production to consumer, depends on the qualifications, responsibilities and motivations of workers. It is important to set up the production of various component parts within the country, to diversify the assortment and quality of products, which is necessary first of all for own consumption, and also has important export value. It is important to develop and implement an economic mechanism to increase the interest of factories in the firm technical service of tractors, combines, other equipment during the entire period of their operation, in the restoration and re-sale of worn-out cars, realization of pre-sale and after-sales service. Problems of agricultural engineering are poor management of the development of enterprises themselves. Marketing is a set of functions that the market enters into. Information about his needs affects production programs. Market levers adjust the activity of the enterprise. An enterprise has the opportunity to influence the market and its presence through the product line adjusts the market situation The prospect is to look for ways to accelerate the creation of appropriate conditions for the domestic technology to have organized sales, which is intended to eliminate the threat of dependence of agricultural enterprises on the supply of imported machinery and to meet the needs of farmers. Еffective measures to address the problem were recognized by changes in the laws and improved business management.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/5431
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