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Title: Manufacture technical supply organization in farm enterprises of Zaporizhzhya region
Authors: Prus, Yurii
Ahieieva, Iryna
Агєєва, Ірина Вікторівна
Агеева, Ирина Викторовна
Keywords: farm enterprise
servicing cooperative
technical supply
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Збірник наукових праць Таврійського державного агротехнологічного університету (економічні науки);№ 1 (30)
Abstract: A farm enterprise is an equal right participant of the agrarian market. The analysis of organization- legal forms in the agrarian sector of economy in Zaporizhzhya region has shown the great number of farm enterprises. In 2014 in Zaporizhzhya region among 2987 of economic entities in agriculture the farm enterprises makes up the biggest part – there are 2312 or 77.4 % of total quantity. Farm enterprises are of great importance in the development of agribusiness in the region. Today the majority of farm enterprises in Ukraine are in bad financial situation. Most of the farmers who have small areas are not able to organize the efficient manufacture of competitive agricultural production due to the lack of necessary machinery. But manufacture processes technical supply level is lower in farm enterprises of Zaporizhzhya region than s a whole in Ukraine. For instance, tractor fleet for 1000 ha of arable area in the region farm enterprises for the analyzed period has decreased by 19.2%. It is more reasonable to form farmers’ technical fleet at the level of standard demand. According to our calculations the tractors’ demand is 6806 units in farm enterprises of Zaporizhzhya region, demand for grain combine harvesters is 1455 units. At the same time the availability of tractors is 34.5% from the demand, for grain combine harvesters is 42.5 %. As most of farm enterprises which cannot afford to purchase machinery on their own, it is more reasonable to set up the system of cooperative servicing technical formations.
URI: http://elar.tsatu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/4145
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